Gerry Tosh:

I am one of the new trustees of the charity. My name is Gerry Tosh and I have been a trustee for a few other charities including a mental health charity DAMH which is the Dundee Association of Mental Health. This is a charity I really believe in and one I still support. I was also a board member and trustee of Diabetes UK for 6 years which is a much larger charity of some £45m or so. I have other charitable interests as I am sure many others have. I have a long suffering wife Margaret and two sons Gerry and Gareth who between them have four children yes I am a grandfather. Which is a joy!

My chosen sport is rugby which I played when much younger and I now help administrate. I enjoy my association with Dundee High Rugby and was president for 6 years and remain the VP and heavily involved in running the club. We have a junior section of 200 kids the mighty Dundee Eagles. I have a grandson who plays rugby for the Eagles and that takes up some enjoyable time on a Sunday.

I also have a small side line in Hypnotherapy and in the practice of NLP which is a very interesting part of my life. If you have a spare hour I would love to tell you more about this fascinating subject.

My business interests are involved in running my property business that trades as Premier Property in Dundee. I enjoy golf in the warmer weather and don’t mind even if it spoils a good walk. I also regularly do after dinner speaking at sports clubs and a variety of other venues. I am very expensive and crucially not very good!

So why Murton Trust? Good question and one I will try and give a flavour of in answering. When I left Diabetes UK in January I was asked by a few organisations to join their board and I thought I would be selective and take my time in choosing a charity I would like to join, a charity whose aims I shared and a charity I could make a difference in. After a good look at Murton I decided it was a charity I would be happy in. I do share the objectives of education and giving children a helping hand and I do believe I can make a difference here.

History of course will record if that happens or not! I look forward to getting my wellies on when asked and getting stuck in to many of the challenges for the future of Murton Trust.


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