About us

Murton Trust for Education and the Environment

Murton is a charity with a dual educational and environmental purpose. We are situated on a former quarry near Forfar in Angus and manage a thriving nature reserve, visitor farm and tearoom set in 100 acres.

Our mission is to provide a unique environment in which children, young people and adults can learn and develop essential skills for life.Murton wishes to enrich people’s lives by using our site to its full potential. We can offer our unique environment as an educational tool that has a positive impact on all ages. We hope to be a thriving and sustainable charity valued in the community and recognised nationally.
The specific aims of Murton are: ·         To provide educational opportunities that encourages learning and developing skills for life. ·         To maintain and establish a thriving nature reserve that encourages access to the outdoors. ·         To effectively run a visitor farm and tearoom on our site that offers a recreational and leisure facility and generates income to support our educational work. ·         To maintain and develop strong connections with our community through our leadership, work and on our site.

Our values

We value people – We are here for everyone. We inspire people through our leadership, knowledge, enthusiasm and actions. We are welcoming, understanding and value difference. We encourage, respect and nurture the contribution that everyone can make.

We value our place – We develop it with and for people. We are committed to creating and enriching an enduring natural asset. We value and recognise the contribution our place provides to the wellbeing of all. We act responsibly, safely and sustainably in our place.

We make it happen – We move forward with purpose and ambition. We are curious, responsive and ready to learn from others. We collaborate and encourage partnerships. We keep things simple and move forward with purpose.

History of Murton

The Trust takes its name from the original Murton Farm which dates back to the 18th century, but there is evidence that some of the earliest inhabitants of the area date back to the Bronze Age, as three Bronze Age cists, some 4000 years old, were found at Murton!

When the nearby Restenneth Moss and loch were drained in the 18th century the land was developed into farmland and Murton Farm was established to produce corn and flax for local mills. It later produced grain and potatoes. Beef cattle were also reared on the premises’.

From 1990 to 2001 the farm had a very different look when it became a sand and gravel quarry. Once the quarrying ended Murton Trust for Education and the Environment was set up to restore and enhance the land. The quarrying company, Aggregate Industries, won awards for its restoration work and assisted the Trust with some of its habitat enhancement projects. 


The Trust meets its environmental and educational aims by providing a nature reserve and a farm for the education and enjoyment of the public. Our focus is also on organising training for young people from local schools. Numerous young people benefit from hands-on vocational training which can set them up for life in land-based jobs.

We also provide amenities for all members of the public to enjoy. We host various educational and social events such as our outdoor tots group where toddlers play and interact with each other and the local environment. We also host various fun seasonal events for all the family to enjoy.

Today Murton Trust is a special place for everyone to enjoy. The scenic nature reserve  with its meandering paths is a wonderful place for walks. Our visitor farm is now home to different kinds of animals from its predecessor. Now Kune Kune pigs root and snuffle contentedly and the crowing and clucking of the rare breed poultry raises many a smile.